Mandates as Board Members

We accept on a selected basis mandates as representative of Board of Directors in an array of companies. Should you wish us to take on this responsibility we kindly ask you to contact our Managing Partner Silvio Campestrini directly.

Mandates to found a company in Switzerland

Very often we are asked to start a new legal entity and to arrange the necessary steps to found a company, an organisation, a holding company or a trust in Switzerland. This is an interesting task, please contact us if you are studying a new establishing of new companies in Switzerland, Fürstentum Liechtenstein or abroad.

Whole array of Corporate Finance Services

The highly educated financial experts of AAA-CFA have great experience in complex technical mandates such as:

  • Valuations
  • Merger Models
  • Dilution Analysis
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Basel II Ratings
  • Establishing Business Plans
  • Reviewing Financial models
  • Due Diligence and data rooms.

The financial services industry is a dynamic market place undergoing continuous change. By providing high quality corporate finance services, our specialised Financial Services team helps its clients in the financial services sector to steer through this fast-changing environment.

AAA in Enterprise consulting