Corporate Finance / Investment Banking

Strategic Advisory and Consulting

AAA-CFA is consulting management and entrepreneurs in the decision process and also in the implementation process in corporate finance and investment banking. As is standard process in the anglo-saxon banking field the definition of "Corporate Finance" describes all kind of finance aspects of a corporation that are vital in the arranging and maintaining assets and liabilities at wanted levels. The Corporate Finance Advisory analyses, structures, supports and solves the transition of enterprise questions and strategic decisions. AAA-CFA is differentiating the services offered in four fields:

  • capital market transactions
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • private equity
  • structured financings

AAA-CFA supports you in the long term success of the corporation – nowadays very important to have a clear market positioning, an optimal balance sheet and access to ample liquid funds in order to remain independent. The AAA-CFA services comprise of the following support:

  • Developing of financial concepts including innovative financial products
  • Preparation of enterprise presentations
  • Finding the debt capacity levels
  • Supporting the Rating process (external or banking internal credit ratings)
  • Search and contacting other financial partners
  • Support in the choosing of arrangers with syndicated loans, club deals, asset-backed programs
  • Negotiation Support (Term sheets, credit contracts and documentation)

AAA in strategic advisory and consulting