Enterprise Rating Basel II

Future existence is no luck. Should you want to have a strong, healthy and future enterprise and if you wish to enhance the value of your company – then you need to go through the process of an enterprise rating as per Basel II. This is a comprehensive process in the small and medium sized companies that are not yet quoted on any stock exchange.
The enterprise is rated on a holistic approach and valued – true and fair.

Our rating is a success factor. Early recognising and successful controlling of new challenges – as the Basel II rating – make a systematic and future oriented valuation necessary. Learn from the best practice – if you are not satisfied with the norm. You can benefit from the Rating certificate – with internationally recognised and comparable results – as per the rating aspects of Basel II.

The improved Corporate Governance needs an effective enterprise control and requires new measures that can quantify the management forces and successfully rate their performance. Not the shareholder value, nor the stakeholder value are in the centre of the process but the enterprise as a whole. Its effectiveness and competitiveness – its surviving capabilities can be measured with the Rating and successfully qualified with the new rules – this will help top management of your enterprise to lead the company into a bright future.

Several AAA-CFA professionals are qualified and certified rating analysts as per Basel II (GDUR-System). Please contact us if you need support in Ratings.

AAA in enterprise ratings as per Basel II