Private Equity

Private Equity as an extension of the financial freedom

For Small and Medium sized enterprises, private equity is winning importance. Primarily two trends are responsible: at first the increasing laying back of the banks to give more credits and on the other side the so called Basel II criteria, that drastically increase the requirements to potential credit takers. The adding of external share capital respectively of own equity similar means (so called mezzanine capital) is becoming increasingly interesting, because one reaches the liquidity effect and also the liquidity of the enterprises by improving the share capital quotas – which on its own, extends the future credit capabilities.

As the addition of external share capital partners usually is a single incident in the live of an entrepreneur he usually lacks the clear oversight of who is in the market, or has the knowledge of the readily available products and its advantages, disadvantages or costs. Here is where we AAA-CFA come into the picture with our offered services:
Analysis of the present situation (shareholders interest, possibilities)

  • Enterprise analysis (products, market and competitiveness)
  • Developing of concepts
  • Preparation of an Information Memorandum (incl. 3 year planning)
  • Screening and choosing of the partners
  • Negotiations of the final concept (letter of intent)
  • Preparation and control of the Due Diligence process
  • Moderation and preparation of the contracts/negotiations
  • Contracts
  • Closings

The entrepreneur finds with this procedure the ideal situation, the right partner with the right product at the right price.

AAA in Private Equity