Due Diligence

Our work helps the potential investor/lender to make an informed decision regarding an acquisition target or investment opportunity. Our expert team from AAA-CFA will perform:

  • Commercial
  • Financial
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • Property
  • Intelectual Property
  • Markets
  • Human Capital
  • IT
  • Technical
  • Due Diligence

Due diligence is often a critical step towards reaching an correct investment decision, and our deep understanding of business issues, built up over many years, will assist you in understanding the nature of the entity we review. Our due diligence procedures offer:

  • A tailored approach where the scope is carefully defined to fit your needs and the type of investment planned;
  • An integrated approach involving financial, market, management and tax issues;
  • Focus on understanding a business's prospects, strengths and weaknesses as well as purely financial issues;
  • Translation or inflation adjustment of financial statements where necessary;
  • Review of asset quality, search for unrecorded liabilities and tax risks;
  • Close liaison with investor, legal or other specialists involved;
  • Frequent feedback in meetings and interim findings;
  • Specialised staffing for the financial sector, manufacturing and certain other major sectors;
  • Liaison with our partner offices worldwide where due diligence is required on a business outside the home territory.

Your Advantages:

  • Identification of chances and risks;
  • Development of solutions and strategies for potential deal breakers and thus improving the negotiation position versus the seller, which very often reduces the acquisition costs;
  • Reduction of the transaction risks by improving the information basis;
  • Improving of the success possibilities of the transaction by identifying the key chances and risks.

AAA in Due Diligence